Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software

To grow you need more customers, but your sales team complains that the leads are not qualified. How do you know which prospects are sales-ready? Or which marketing programs are generating wins?

With Pardot Marketing Automation software from Dell you can generate high quality leads cost-effectively by:

  • Driving more traffic to your website using social media & search
  • Nurturing prospects via automated targeted email campaigns
  • Scoring leads to identify high-potential prospects
  • Measuring your return on marketing investment

Pardot Marketing Automation software combines powerful inbound and outbound features to help you generate more leads, educate them through the funnel, and automatically send the best prospects to sales. In addition, Pardot helps you track campaign performance - from search to emails - so you can decide where to invest to generate more leads.

Marketing Automation software funnel

Inbound Capabilities:

  • Social media blogging: post to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn from within Pardot.
  • Anonymous visitor tracking: identify organizations visiting your website.
  • Social profile lookups: pull prospects’ information from social media sites.

Outbound Capabilities:

  • Lead nurturing: send automated targeted email campaigns based on prospect behavior and characteristics.
  • Lead scoring: automatically assign a score and a grade for each prospect based on activity and characteristics.
  • Lead Management: assign prospects to lead nurturing programs or sales reps based on score, territory, or any other factor via automated workflows.

Measure Return on Marketing Investment:

  • Measure campaign ROI by tracking each prospect’s activities from browsing to purchase so you can have a precise idea of the sales generated by each campaign.
  • Track Google keyword ranking history and gain insight on what ranks well. Gain competitive insights by tracking competitors’ inbound links & index pages.
  • Quantify content & website performance with dynamic dashboards showing your most visited paged and most downloaded content.
Application Integration
Application Integration
Connect Pardot Marketing Automation software to other applications with Dell Boomi Integration.
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