Key Factors in Selecting a Marketing Automation Solution - A Customer Perspective

As a growing business, you want to take advantage of the latest technology to get every competitive advantage possible. And nowhere in the front office is this more true than with marketing automation. But with so many solutions available – from email marketing to enterprise-class applications – how do you know what is the right one for your business?

emotive – the cloud based, mobile app platform for the enterprise – recently faced the same dilemma. And now you can benefit from their experience to help you make what can be a business-critical decision.

In this highly-informative Webinar sponsored by Dell Cloud Business Applications, you’ll learn:

  • What business challenges emotive faced that compelled them to evaluate marketing automation solutions
  • How they navigated the complex marketing automation marketplace to find the right solution
  • Why they selected Pardot marketing automation from Dell – and what it means to their business.

If you are a marketing or sales professional looking to take that leap with marketing automation, this is a must-see Webinar.